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EUVAL® terrazzo is an aggregate of marble chips and cement, composed by a single layer of material. In order to lay correctly the material must be followed the directives in accordance with the standard DIN18333 and DIN 1053.
We would like to draw your attention specifically to the following points: the foundation must be clean, free to humidity and oil and the foundation shouldn’t be ice and without cracks. To avoid humidity problems is very important to let dry the pieces, for example on a wall, before to lay the material.
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Laying stairs with EUVAL® terrazzo
It is important to lay steps without tension into only 2 mortar strips with a width <15cm (in accordance to DIN 18333 paragraph 3.2.2). Full surface laying or mortar strips >16cm can cause cracks, especially in case of fine grits materials. 
​Warning: for steps with a length >110cm, the mortar strips must be placed more inside (at approx. 1/6 of the total length). 
In order to ensure possibility of expansion, joints with walls must not be mortared. Between treads and risers, the width of joints should be 2mm. 
So is ensured the mobility of the stairs. Skirting should be laid separately to floors or steps.
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Laying tiles with EUVAL® terrazzo
Before laying, the foundation and the underside of the tiles must be cleaned. In order to achieve better adhesion between tiles and mortar bed, the material can be treated with a special bonding emulsion. The mortar should be “plastic” and not too dry, so as to be able to level the tiles flush. 

Laying systems:
Tiles with a size:
≤ 50x75cm   lay on full surface
> 50x75cm   lay on mortar strips

Laying patterns:
We advise to lay tiles in stack pattern or in 3/4 brick pattern.
1/2 brick pattern is to avoid.

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In accordance to DIN 18333 tiles will be laid with the following widths:
- By tiles with length till 60cm, width of joints should be 3mm. 

- By tiles with length > 60cm, width of joints should be 5mm. 

Before grouting the joints, they should remain open for at least a week. Once this period has passed, they should be filled with jointing mortar (ready mix jointing mortar or a mix of quartz, sand and cement).

After laying, let wet the tiles. To prevent not uniform drying, tension and cracks, it is recommended to cover the tiles with a polyethylene sheet. It is very important that the materials are not subjected to air currents. 

[The following instructions should be considered guidelines and are not binding].




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