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By planning a new buildings or restructuring is very important to choose suitable materials, that answer to specific technical features.
It must be defined if the chosen material is suitable with the requirements for the intended use.
To better understand if you choose the right material, you have to check some features like bending resistance, abrasion resistance, water absorption and anti-slip class.

flessione_b.jpg Bending resistance

The bending resistance is the limit value of load applied at 3 points that a sample can bear without fracture. The value is expressed in N/mm² = MPa 
In accordance with standard EN 13748-1 the test on 4 samples must have an average value of ≥ 5,00 MPa, and each test must don't have a value < 4,00 MPa.
The values of EUVAL® terrazzo materials are between 7,9 - 12,1 MPa.

abrasione.jpg Abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance is the capacity to resist the wear caused by high foot traffic and by mechanical equipment (lift trucks, etc.).
The value is expressed in cm³/50cm².
In accordance with EN 13748-1 standard, if the test is made according with Böhme, the values must be ≤ 30 cm3 / 50 cm2.
For terrazzo materials designed to be subjected to abrasive solicitations, there is required to be of class II or III (see table with value). For materials designed to be subjected to a particular abrasive solicitations, can be required the class I.
The abrasion resistance is classified in 3 classes:


Maximal value for each test​

Volume loss by test in accordance
with DIN 52108    
I 18 cm³ / 50cm²
II 20 cm³ / 50cm²
III 26 cm³ / 50cm²

acqua.jpg Water absorption

The water absorption is the quantity of water that a tile can absorb based on the degree of porosity of the material.
According with EN 13748-1 standard the test result must not exceed 8%.
EUVAL® terrazzo materials values on untreated and not impregnated materials are between 4,2 - 5,2%.
After impregnation (recommended after installation and completely dry of the surfaces) the values can be between 2 - 2,5%.

scivolo.jpg Classification of anti-slip properties

By planning a flooring, is important to know the degree of slipperiness provided by the materials, for choose correctly the required degree of slipperiness in accordance with the area in which the material will be laid.
The anti-slip classification of a surface in EUVAL® terrazzo is tested according with DIN 51130 norm.
The german standard "German ramp tester" describes the procedures for the anti-slip test and define a classification "R" in relation to their slipperiness, which varies between R9 and R13.


Angle of inclination


Place of use

R9 from 6° to 10° honed R9 entry, stairs and tiles
of public buildings
brush R9
R10 from 10° to 19° honed R10 kitchens, toilets,
changing rooms and laundries
R11 from 19° to 27° sandy R11 warehouses and parking
R12 from 27° to 35°    
R13 > 35°    

The anti-slip classification assigned to the different use, should be considered as indicative and must be evaluated for every single project directly by the designer.

fuocob.jpg Fire resistance

EUVAL® terrazzo is not flammable, and in case of fire it doesn’t release smoke and toxic substances.
In accordance with EN 13748-1 terrazzo is classified without any test in fire class A1fl.

peso.jpg Weights



 kg / m²

2cm 52 kg / m²
3cm 78 kg / m²
4cm 104 kg / m²
5cm 130 kg / m²

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