Through the use of the most advanced technologies we create EUVAL® terrazzo, a modern and natural material produced using high quality raw materials and without any chemical substances.

White cement and marble grits (coming mainly from Italian quarries) are dosed, mixed and transformed through vibro-compaction into large rough blocks of size 305x125x85cm and 305x140x85cm.

After 28 days the blocks have reached the seasoning required to obtain a durable and long lasting material that can be cut into slabs, tiles, skirtings and cut to size.

Many advantages of EUVAL® terrazzo

 Wide range of colours, sizes, thicknesses and finishes
 The possibility to create special mixture by your needs
 Uniformity of colours on big surfaces
 Competitive prices
 Ecological material, produced only with natural raw materials and without any chemical substances
 Wear and abrasion resistant
 Not flammable and in case of fire it does not release smoke and toxic substances

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