Solutions for an evolving architecture

EUVAL® is the leading mark of terrazzo in Europe for the realization of stairs, floors and walls in terrazzo for schools, airports, stations, shopping centres, hospitals but also for residential buildings, museums and hotels.

Our mission is to offer our customers new solutions that meet the different architectural and aesthetic needs, paying attention to new trends and developments in architecture.

Over 25 years of “know-how”, the selection of the best raw materials and the use of advanced technologies allow us to create a high quality and reliable product with excellent technical performances such as resistance, durability through the years and ease of maintenance.

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Eco Philosophy

EUVAL® has always believed in the importance of developing a contemporary architecture respecting the environment. For several years, our company create a sustainable product choosing carefully only natural raw materials without any chemical addition, to improve the quality and safety in the areas where it is laid. 

EUVAL® terrazzo has a high percentage of pre-consumer recycled content, that allows to receive the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). All the technical and structural characteristics of our materials comply with all the requirements for receiving LEED credits for a building.

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The reliability of a customized service


EUVAL® is committed to guarantee the customer satisfaction by providing an efficient service for the realization of small and big projects, at competitive prices on the market.
It also provides a range of support tools for architects and designers, such as the possibility of cooperation to realize special mixtures that meet every creative needs of the designer, in order to play with character and cover their projects using unique and exclusive materials.
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