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DIN V 18500 and DIN EN 13748-1 certifications
EUVAL® terrazzo complies with the high quality requirements of DIN V 18500 and DIN EN 13748-1 standards, which are constantly checked by our staff and by the German Institute Güteschutz Hessenbeton e. V. in Wiesbaden.
For every EUVAL® terrazzo material are available the technical data sheets.

LEED certification
LEED certification system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an international certification program that promote and increase the high performances of sustainable buildings. The goals of LEED standards are the awareness of builders and architects to build environmental sustainable constructions by assigning points to the constructed buildings.
Architects, engineers, designers, builders, interior designer and civil service use LEED system to promote the good practices of a sustainable design, to bring not only a positive impact on human health and on the planet, but also to reduce the passive costs.

CE marking
The CE marking declares that the product meets the security directives required by the European Union, which aim to preserve human health and safety in the buildings constructions. For all EUVAL® terrazzo materials are available the declarations of performance CE (DoP) and CE marking sheets, in accordance with Annex. ZA of the standard EN 13748-1.

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