82.70 CEPPO 130

Through the study of the material and creative procedures we designed the new 82.70 Ceppo 130, a terrazzo realized with grits of a natural agglomerate that leads the user through a unique and boundless journey.
Nature has wisely composed a material with taupe shades, where you can find ebony, cream, jasper red and deep green accents.
In a neural colour scale, we find different nuances and textures that make the material a one of a kind.
82.70 Ceppo 130 is an innovative terrazzo with high technical performance. A sophisticated material that finds its distinctive element in the diversity of grits with which it is composed.
Every single piece tells a different story.
82.70 CEPPO 130

82.70 CEPPO 130


Compressive strength:Compressive strength: da 70 a 100 N/mm²
Bending resistance:Bending resistance: 9,1 N/mm²=MPa
Abrasion resistance:Abrasion resistance: 18,0 cm³/50cm²
Water absorption:Water absorption: 3,7 M%
Classification of the anti-slip properties:Classification of the anti-slip properties: R9
Fire resistance:Fire resistance: A1 fl non infiammabile
Specific gravity:Specific gravity: 2.600 kg/m³
82.70 Ceppo 130 is a versatile terrazzo that allows to architects and designers maximum freedom to design exceptional spaces.
It is available in slabs with size 305x125cm and with thicknesses 2 - 3 - 4cm, from which it is possible to cut floor tiles of all sizes, cut to size stairs, windowsills and furnishing elements.

50x30 – 60x30 – 60x40cm
30x30 – 40x40 – 60x60cm
50x50 – 25x25 – 20x20cm


80x40 – 80x60cm
80x80 – 90x90cm
120x60 – 100x100 – 120x120cm


Standard size 50x7/1cm


From cutting list
The terrazzo 82.70 CEPPO 130 is a unique product that allows to create solutions with an innovative design.
It is available in different finishes:

Marienforum, Frankfurt am Main

Situated in the heart of the business district of Frankfurt am Main, the Marienforum offices present spaces with a strong personality and character. The design concept of the main areas is a combination of different diagonal pattern and different materials such as wood, bronze-coloured metals, marble and terrazzo.
An important rule play in this project the walls and floors covered with EUVAL terrazzo 82.70 CEPPO 130, an innovative material that helps interior designer to create unique spaces and deliver project excellence. The material 82.70 CEPPO 130 is a terrazzo produced with a natural agglomerated chips in different grey and brown shades and texture. Every single piece that compose this material has a different shape and colour that make the tile a one of a kind and adds value to the material.
The distinctive element of the building is the richness of geometrical size variety. Tiles are cut in different shapes to create a diagonal pattern and is combined with inserts of red marble to deliver an outstanding visual impact with a result of a unique design.
The entrance lobby is characterized by a modern furniture and the use of wood contributes to achieve an elegant and contemporary décor. The light shades of walnut wood match perfectly with the colour of terrazzo and create a soft warm atmosphere.
The ceiling refers to the concept of diagonal patterns and recalls the geometrical shape of walls and floors. The rooms are characterised by the realization of lift door casings in terrazzo that reflect the prominence of this architectural project.

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